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Chiropractic makes my body feel more calm. - Fynlie R.

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Functional Analysis Chiropractic 

Doctors John and Judy utilize a chiropractic analysis method known as FACT, our focus is to optimize the efficiency of two of the most important functions of the brain: breathing and movement.  Evaluation of your movement by observing gait (walking) allows us to uncover where you may be using up extra energy with inefficient compensation patterns.   Breathing patterns are observed with the intent to remove any restrictions, problems with our frame can alter the ability for each breath to 'fall' in, and cause unwell fatigue.

Lifetime strength and balance depend on proper stabilization coordinated by our nerve system.   

Art of the Adjustment

As Palmer College of Chiropractic alumni, and Motion Palpation Institue both Dr John and Dr Judy practice the art of hands on adjustment.   Utilizing techniques such as Gonstead, Faye, Thompson and Activator; our adjusting approach to allows us to provide our patients with efficient, safe and effective chiropractic care.

Doctors John and Judy focus on staying current, learning the latest and most effective advances in Chiropractic, Chiropractic Neurology and Human Nutrition and bring them back to our patients. 

We enjoy writing, researching and lecturing on topics concerning chiropractic, healthcare, and experiences we have gained along the way. Our diverse approach and experience allows us to deliver the highest possible patient outcomes without the use of drugs or surgery.

Our brain based approach allows for correction of the cause of painful and inefficient compensation patterns in the body restoring your ablity to maintain healthy movement.

At Active Health Chiropractic & Nutrition, we are proud to say a full 85% of our new patients are referred to us by other satisfied patients who are confident in our doctors and staff.

This high referral percentage ranks our office above 95% of clinics nationwide. We wish to Thank You, all of our patients who help us extend our helping hands to others!

What to expect at Active Health:

  • Chiropractic Neurology:

    As a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist Dr. John is able to provide specialized services to our patients and community. Chiropractic Neurologists are highly trained and qualified experts of the brain, spine and nervous system.  As in medicine, the chiropractic profession has specialists who serve their community's patients, as well as providing expert evaluations and consultation to other physicians and health care practitioners. Chiropractic neurologists are chiropractors who have continued with advanced post graduate training and testing to be able to provide all the standard chiropractic services and additionally, the specialized services that their advanced training allows.                                                                 

    How is a chiropractic neurologist different than a medical neurologist or a neurosurgeon?

    Chiropractic neurologists, medical neurologists and neurosurgeons differ greatly in their methods of treatment. The chiropractic neurologist uses medication free and non-surgical treatment methods.

    Many conditions of the brain and nervous system respond well to non-aggressive interventions such as provided by your chiropractic neurologist. Additionally, the non-drug, non-surgical therapies used by chiropractic neurologists, provide results without the increased risks for serious complications or dangerous side effects.                                                                                                                              

    For this reason, Dr  John's approach as a chiropractic neurologists fills a unique and significant role in treating brain and nervous system disorders using safe and effective methods producing lasting health benefits.

  • Gait Analysis: The doctors at Active Health use observation of movement and gait patterns to determine how to best approach your recovery. Changes detected in movement patterns while walking reveal problems with communication between your brain and supportive muscles of your body. Improving communication accelerates your healing and recovery and greatly reduces your likelyhood of reinjury.

  • Family Care: All ages, including infants and geriatric patients.  Long term maintenence of brain health and infant brain development depend on movement. Restrictions in movement in infants due to torticollis, colic, traumatic birth, hip and shoulder problems, may delay brain development.  Any age is the right age to express life with the healthiest brain and movement possible. Gentle adjustments release restrictions and restore mobility adding life to your years.

  • Specific Chiropractic Adjustments: Improving communication between your brain and your body is the most effective and efficient way for you to recover your health.  The doctors at Active Health  use specific adjustments to joints in your body which are not able to signal appropriately to your brain. In this way proper movement patterns are greatly improved, communication between brain and body restored, and the source of pain/problem corrected.

  • Brain Exercises/ Therapy:  Movement maintains brain health.  By improving movement patterns through chiropractic adjustments, and specific exercises patients have reported greater ability to focus, decreased brain fog, lighter moods, greater physical performance in sports and during activites of daily living, just to name a few.  

  • Clinical Nutritional Services: Individualized  Comprehensive Nutritional Analysis which may include lab Testing including: GI Health, Food Sensitivity (ELISA ACT,) Adrenal Health, Neurotransmitter status, hormone testing,  and others.   Our testing and clinical findings allow us to create specific nutritional programs designed to help your body repair from illness, injuries,  and or maintain your optimal health.

  • BioImpedance Analysis:  BIA is a measure of body fat in relation to lean body mass.  It is an important part of any comprehensive health and nutrition assessment.  When you are ready for a change, know that there is a real food, no shakes, no hunger, healthy eating plan available for you! We provide an effective way to reset the way your brain thinks about food, and fat burning!!

Our goal is to accurately seek the cause of your health concern and to approach your health recovery with the most effective care possible without the use of drugs or surgery. Contact Active Health to learn how chiropractic can work for you.


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