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  • What should I expect on my first visit?

    After arriving at our office, you will be met by smiling faces and a kind word. You will feel welcome and made as comfortable as possible, and if you haven’t already filled out one of our down-loadable entry forms, you will be guided through them one by one, by our friendly staff. You may expect to spend no more than one hour during this first office visit. After your initial consultation, examination and x-rays, you and the doctor will review your test results and treatment usually can begin immediately if indicated in your case.

  • Why should kids be adjusted?

    Many childhood problems respond amazingly well to gentle chiropractic adjustments. Some conditions include ear infections, hyperactivity, infantile colic, allergies, sinus trouble, asthma and many more.

  • Do you take insurance?

    Yes. We accept nearly all insurances including Auto Insurance, Blue Cross and a wide variety of major medical plans. We file your insurance for you and it’s all very easy. Phone our office and one of our friendly staff will call your insurer and provide you with a complimentary benefits check. We will let you know up front exactly what your coverage is and what out of pocket expenses you might incur before any treatment takes place. There will be no surprises or large treatment bills.

  • Is an appointment necessary?

    We welcome walk-ins. There may be a short wait at busier times of the day, but we are most often able to accommodate.

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I came into Active Health for extreme back pain while doing physical activity. Through the course of my treatment the pain has greatly decreased to nearly gone...read more

- John

Active Health has kept our family on the courts for many years. They are the best at treating sport injuries like tendonitis, hamstring pulls, sprained ankles, and plantar fasciitis- they help with shoulder...read more

- Patti

Why People Choose Active Health

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