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  • I am so thankful for all the work Dr. Judy has done on me and my girls! Before going to the chiropractor my understanding of what they do consisted of fixing your back and neck problems (which is true) but I didn't know that it's SO much more than that! The first time we saw Dr. Judy back in October she completely blew me away with how much knowledge she knew about our bodies just by watching us walk. When I walked for her she knew right away I hurt my ankle a few months prior, and when Aaliyah (My 3 year old) walked she could tell her balance was off because she was using her shoulder for support instead of using something in her foot like she's supposed to. (I don't know all the fancy terminology, but bare with me while I try to put it into words!

    When she checked Natalie (My 1 year old) she easily noticed she had stomach problems and her spine was so stressed out from trying to hold her head up way too early as a baby which I didn't even know or that it could affect her while she was growing. Ever since then we've been seeing her throughout the months and the improvement my girls have made are amazing! When the adjustments first started, Natalie had a rough time because of how bad her problems were. She was fussy and uncomfortable, but you could slowly see the difference each adjustment was making. She wouldn't wake up in the middle of the night anymore from her acid reflux and she became so much calmer during adjustments because her body was responding and working how it's supposed to.

    Aaliyah didn't have as severe problems as Natalie, but she still got worked on and got joints adjusted like her ankle, wrist, elbow, and knees which might sound like little things, but the body works together to properly function and getting those things done can help with her structural alignment. As for me, I had a lot of back pain from giving birth twice and throughout my adjustments I could tell the pain was diminishing. Not only has Dr. Judy helped us with realigning and adjustments, but she always gives me good health tips. I could go on and on about all the adjustments we've ever had, but it's safe to say going to the chiropractor has made a huge and positive impact on us! If I would've known sooner about what a chiropractor does I would've taken the girls when they were infants! Which is another cool thing about it. Your children are never too young to get adjusted. Natalie was a year old when she started going and Aaliyah was a couple months away from turning 3!

    - Abby L.

  • 5 stars is not enough to tell you how amazing this group of people is. From the moment you walk in the door you are greeted with a smile from the very friendly staff. We have had the pleasure of being patients now for almost 2 years. We were refered by a friend when we found ourselves at a dead end with the medical community. My son was very sick, but no one was sure why. His doctor told us to take "pills" and come back in 16 weeks. After week 2 we found ourselves at Active Health. Dr Judy was able to diagnose and successfully treat a hiatal hernia that all other tests had missed. He immediately started eating, digesting and sleeping again....and this was day one. Needless to say 2 years later we are still seeing them for routine well being. See...that's the thing with them....they find the root of the issue and teach your body to heal itself...not just put a band aid on the problem. My daughter had foot problems that are gone...and my stomach issues are improving after a few weeks of regular visits. Both Dr. Judy and Dr. Jon are amazing at what they do. They look at you as a whole unit...not just your symptoms. And the best thing is you can walk in and be seen - no appointment needed if you are having an emergency! They provide hugs, smiles, knowledge, excitement and the occasional Kleenex (when mom gets over emotional). We will never be able to thank them enuough for everything they have given back to this family. I feel truly blessed to have found a place where they care so deeply and heal so effectively.

    - Andrea

  • Since coming to Active Health my son Carson has seen a huge improvement in serveal different areas. His appetite has improved along with his constant heart burn and upset stomach have nearly disappeared. He had also been dealing with neck and back pain which have also seemed to completely go away. He is sleeping better, and just overall much happier. We are so thankful to have found Dr John and Dr Judy- they fixed our son when the medical community could not.

    - Andrea S.

  • I started coming in at a pretty young age. I know if something is wrong that I can come in (even walk in) at anytime to get adjusted and usually the problem is resolved. Before coming to Active Health I would go from doctor to doctor after docotr and all of them telling me "yes you are sore and not feeling well but we don't know what to do to fix you". I love that I can ask the doctors anything and how they show me how to improve my health and wellbeing.

    - Bailey C.

  • After my first visit at Active Health Chiropractic I immediately felt and noticed a difference how much better I was walking and my constant headaches had started to go away. Both doctors have helped me with so many things but here are a list of just a few: Pregnancy, Nutritional Services, Post- Pregnancy, Kidney Stones, Stomach Problems, Thyroid Issues, and the list could go on and on. They also started adjusting my daughter at just 6 days old! Her shoulder got yanked on during birth and we couldn't buckle her in her car seat because she was in so much pain when we would move her arm. After 1 adjustment she went right into her car seat without a fuss! She has been seen for: teething, breastfeeding issues (always favored one side), ear aches, nurse maid elbow, and the everyday falling and tripping over things! We are so grateful for Dr. John and Dr. Judy Soborowicz at Active Health Chiropractic!

    - Brianna N.

  • Dr Judy is amazing! She took the time to thoroughly go over my health history and talk with me before my first adjustment with her. I’m in the middle of an autoimmune flare and my leg has been giving me a lot of issues. After my first adjustment with her, my leg has finally begun healing and I’m able to walk so much better. I’m so grateful that I found Active Health. I’m confident that my adjustments from Dr Judy will play a big role in putting me on the path to healing.

    - Calie B.

  • Everyone at Active Health is amazing. The lady's at the desk go above and beyond and Dr. John and Dr. Judy are incredibly knowledgeable. They really take their time to listen each time I visit and I never feel rushed or left with unanswered questions. I have been going there for about a year now and with their help have seen significant improvements in my health and wellbeing.

    - Courtney S.

  • You know how girls are always lost without their purse or their phone and what not? Well I'm that girl whose lost without her chiropractor care. Keeps my life on track! Literally, I learn something new every time I come here and I'm so thankful for this place and the people who make it happen!

    - Erica P.

  • Dr. John and Dr. Judy are amazing. I have been going to Active Health for years. Most recently, my 15 month old was only army crawling, no actual crawling and for sure no walking or standing for my little guy. The pediatrician told me if he wasn't walking by 18 months it was mandatory PT. My first thought was "oh heck no, I am going to see Dr. Judy". Within two adjustments my little guy was crawling and pulling himself to a standing position. A couple more visits and he was standing himself up in the middle of the floor and climbing furniture. He is 19 months and he is walking! No mandatory PT for him. Thank you Dr. Judy!!!

    - Heather M.

  • “ I decided to come to Active Health because of the chiropractic method the doctors use. I started seeing results with this approach within one and half weeks! Now I can get up from a chair or a bed without limping or having pain. My husband agrees that I seem to have found the chiropractor that works for me. I like that I can come in anytime; Active Health is very flexible for appointments.”

    - Irene

  • Dr John has tremendously helped my son with development delays. I can see drastic improvements in his thinking and imagination in the short time has had been treating him.

    - Jenni H.

  • “I came into Active Health for extreme back pain while doing physical activity. Through the course of my treatment the pain has greatly decreased to nearly gone. All report of findings and treatments were discussed thoroughly. I highly recommend Active Health for all Chiropractic needs.”

    - John

  • What brought me into Active Health was Plantar Fascitis. After just a few visits I was already feeling better and loved learning how amazing the human body really is. It is getting better with each visit. I knew it was something that would not change overnight. I'm just thankful to stay away from surgery.

    - Joni B.

  • Best Chiropractor I've been to in the last 30 years!

    - Joyce S.

  • THE BEST treatment my daughter received when she started having seizures at 8 years old. THE ONLY provider that treated my daughter like the beautiful human she is! I am FOREVER GRATEFUL. ..

    - Judy W.

  • Lots of pain and trouble walking/ sitting is what brought me into Active Health. I tried a lot of doctors and a lot of meds but it never got to the root of the problem. After I started seeing Dr John and Dr Judy it was a complete game changer for me- no longer on my knee scooter, the chronic pain is now much more managable, I am able to run errands where before I was unable to, I am also stronger, eat better, sleep longer and not be woken up by the pain, and preform more daily tasks that were too painful before. Basically I got my life back, my kids and husband got their wife and mom back. I continue to make improvements for which I am grateful!

    My favorite part about coming to Active Health is that I love learning new things, both Dr's always have the newest cutting edge knowledge to share that is interesting and relevant to my health and my family's health. I apprecaite all they do!

    - Julie C.

  • “I have much less pain and more mobility in my whole spine, I am so grateful”

    - Kathy

  • I’ve always believed in chiropractic care in my adulthood. Coming to Active health has helped my son who had a traumatic birth and sensory issues, we have seen great improvement with my son Finn this last year. Also for me personally I have enjoyed learning about taking care of my health and becoming a patient at Active health has truly helped me as a busy hairdresser, someone who struggled with ptsd and many more. As a wife, and mom I couldn’t ask for a better health care thru chiropractic and Active health for my family. Thank you so much guys for being wonderful.

    - Katie B.

  • Wanted to try something a little different and experience a new adjustment. I was blown away by Dr. Judy and her knowledge about the brain and body. I’ve physically and mentally been thru a lot of trauma and she knew it before I told her. Soooo very interesting and the rib pain I’ve had off and on for a year is not there this am. Thank you! We have some amazing Chiropractic care in the Chippewa valley and Dr Judy was a delight! Thank you! �

    - Katie B.

  • First time to chiropractic office in my life. My back was bent and hurting very bad. Called the office and had an appointment that worked around my schedule the same day. I was nervous until I was greeted by two very friendly front office young ladies. They had me fill out paper work and got me comfortable in a private room. The chiropractor took the time to ask me questions about me and my lifestyle and figured out just what I needed. My back and I feel amazing today!! I usually get leg and foot cramps every night in the winter, and last night NONE!!! I am kicking myself for not doing this sooner! Thank you!!!

    - Kristine F.

  • Absolutely Amazing all the great things you do and help with! I always tell the story of how Dr Judy knew that my husband had had some type of serious head trauma simply by the way he was breathing! Both of you and the whole staff are wonderful ????

    - Layla O.

  • I got a flu shot in November of 2010 for the first time. After that I wasn't feeling good and by January I was really bad. One morning I tried to get out of bed and I could not feel anything from my head to my toes. I didn't know if I would be able to walk or not, my husband came in the room to help me get up. I couldn't do anything for months. I went to so many doctors but never got any answers. After my first few visits at Active Health Chiropractic my condition has got a lot better then where I was before I came in. When I first started I couldn't sit up or walk- I was so weak. I am now able to walk, sit up, and do everything that I love to do. If I ever have any problems or am not feeling the best I go in to see either doctor and they fix me right up! Dr's John and Judy are wonderful people that really take the time to talk with you and listen to what you are saying. I feel so safe and I know when I leave the office after an adjustment I am going to feel so much better. I would recommend Active Health to anybody. I have told a lot of people my story and when I tell them what happened to me they cannot believe it. I am so grateful and God bless.

    - Linda B.

  • I saw Dr John yesterday afternoon. Perhaps you remember adjusting my left leg (I was panicking because of my knee). Well, Dr John you must know that last night, for the first time since August 14th, 2014 I felt my entire, yes, entire foot! Usually the last two toes always felt numb. They were not the pins and needles, but a dead feeling. Matter of fact, the whole leg feels better! It was so awesome to realize! I am so thankful.. progress for sure!

    - Linda F.

  • “Thank you so much for taking care of my chiropractic needs! You and your staff are always pleasant and professional.”

    - Miranda

  • Active Health Chiropractic has really worked wonders in my life. Drs John and Judy are efficient prompt and courteous. My sciatic nerve was really causing pain and after being adjusted by them I felt total relief.

    - Nancy B.

  • Best thing that ever happened to me. These 2 doctors are the best in town. I always feel so much better after my adjustment. What's amazing is that you don't even have to tell them what's bothering you. They can see it in your walk or breathing. It's amazing.

    - Nicole C.

  • “The adjustments have improved the movement in my neck and stopped my migraine headaches which I really appreciate. Jewel and I are very happy with the progress we have made. The doctors and staff at Active Health are friendly and accommodating- we enjoy the atmosphere and the results.”

    - Norma and Jewel

  • “Active Health has kept our family on the courts for many years. They are the best at treating sport injuries like tendonitis, hamstring pulls, sprained ankles, and plantar fascitis- they help with shoulder and ankle problems too. We recommend Active Health to many people and appreciate the flexible scheduling, and walk in service for our busy family.”

    - Patti

  • Coolest chiropractic experience I've had yet, friendly staff and the adjustment was different from what I was used to. Glad I tried it out vs staying with my old chiropractor who wasn't fully adjusting me

    - Rory B.

  • My daughter said that I should go in and see if Dr Judy could help me with my constant cough that I've had for many years. My cough has basically gone away and we are also working on a few other things when I come in. My favorite part about coming in to Active Health is that wonderful, friendly, and helpful doctors and staff at Active Health.

    - Rose B.

  • Thanks for a great first visit this morning! The environment and staff were excellent!

    - Stephanie S.

  • Great team of Chiropractors that actually are knowledgeable and care about your health...not drugging you up!

    - Tom L.

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