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  • 5 stars is not enough to tell you how amazing this group of people is. From the moment you walk in the door you are greeted with a smile from the very friendly staff. We have had the pleasure of being patients now for almost 2 years. We were refered by a friend when we found ourselves at a dead end with the medical community. My son was very sick, but no one was sure why. His doctor told us to take "pills" and come back in 16 weeks. After week 2 we found ourselves at Active Health. Dr Judy was able to diagnose and successfully treat a hiatal hernia that all other tests had missed. He immediately started eating, digesting and sleeping again....and this was day one. Needless to say 2 years later we are still seeing them for routine well being. See...that's the thing with them....they find the root of the issue and teach your body to heal itself...not just put a band aid on the problem. My daughter had foot problems that are gone...and my stomach issues are improving after a few weeks of regular visits. Both Dr. Judy and Dr. Jon are amazing at what they do. They look at you as a whole unit...not just your symptoms. And the best thing is you can walk in and be seen - no appointment needed if you are having an emergency! They provide hugs, smiles, knowledge, excitement and the occasional Kleenex (when mom gets over emotional). We will never be able to thank them enuough for everything they have given back to this family. I feel truly blessed to have found a place where they care so deeply and heal so effectively.

    - Andrea

  • Everyone at Active Health is amazing. The lady's at the desk go above and beyond and Dr. John and Dr. Judy are incredibly knowledgeable. They really take their time to listen each time I visit and I never feel rushed or left with unanswered questions. I have been going there for about a year now and with their help have seen significant improvements in my health and wellbeing.

    - Courtney S.

  • Dr. John and Dr. Judy are amazing. I have been going to Active Health for years. Most recently, my 15 month old was only army crawling, no actual crawling and for sure no walking or standing for my little guy. The pediatrician told me if he wasn't walking by 18 months it was mandatory PT. My first thought was "oh heck no, I am going to see Dr. Judy". Within two adjustments my little guy was crawling and pulling himself to a standing position. A couple more visits and he was standing himself up in the middle of the floor and climbing furniture. He is 19 months and he is walking! No mandatory PT for him. Thank you Dr. Judy!!!

    - Heather M.

  • “ I decided to come to Active Health because of the chiropractic method the doctors use. I started seeing results with this approach within one and half weeks! Now I can get up from a chair or a bed without limping or having pain. My husband agrees that I seem to have found the chiropractor that works for me. I like that I can come in anytime; Active Health is very flexible for appointments.”

    - Irene

  • Best Chiropractor I've been to in the last 30 years!

    - Joyce S.

  • “I have much less pain and more mobility in my whole spine, I am so grateful”

    - Kathy

  • Absolutely Amazing all the great things you do and help with! I always tell the story of how Dr Judy knew that my husband had had some type of serious head trauma simply by the way he was breathing! Both of you and the whole staff are wonderful ????

    - Layla O.

  • Active Health Chiropractic has really worked wonders in my life. Drs John and Judy are efficient prompt and courteous. My sciatic nerve was really causing pain and after being adjusted by them I felt total relief.

    - Nancy B.

  • Best thing that ever happened to me. These 2 doctors are the best in town. I always feel so much better after my adjustment. What's amazing is that you don't even have to tell them what's bothering you. They can see it in your walk or breathing. It's amazing.

    - Nicole C.

  • Thanks for a great first visit this morning! The environment and staff were excellent!

    - Stephanie S.

  • Great team of Chiropractors that actually are knowledgeable and care about your health...not drugging you up!

    - Tom L.

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