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Pain of unknown or known origin which grabs your immediate, undivided attention by sending searing, hot poker, sharp grabbing awful pain down the back or side of one leg or another.  This pain drastically decreases your movement, and abilty to sit, sleep or stand for long periods.   Sciatic nerve irritation can be due to trauma, or may develop over time as a result of improper movement patterns, many expectant mothers report their sciatica pain increased as prenancy advances.


Activities of daily living such as; lifting your child or grandchild, carrying in groceries, yoga, exercise classes/ programs, walking, sleeping, sitting, working at your job, bending in church, carrying a backpack in school, focus, Life.


In the absence of a significant trauma, the cause is often due to previously undetected weaknesses developed over time in your nerves spinal support system. Recovery from past trauma to the body including ankle sprain, knee or hip problems can contribute or cause poor stabilization of your lower back causing pressure to build on your sciatic nerve.


Our approach at Active Health is to treat the cause of your sciatica, and promote healthy movement patterns to help prevent this large nerve from becoming irritated again.  Our assessment includes how well your brain is able to communicate with your body, and of equal importance, how well your body is able to communicate with your brain.  

How your body communicates with your brain:

Every joint in your body is rich with motion sensors which respond to friction caused from movement. Movement of your joints between your bones is responsible for activating your spinal support system.  Better communication leads to better support for your spine and removes stress on your sciatic nerve.  Better support corrects the cause of sciatic pain allowing healing to occur.

Restore Communication:  

The doctors at Active Health observe your global neurological movement.  This provides a window to how well your spinal stabilization system is communicating.  Our focus is to provide gentle specific adjustments to areas of the body which are not able to communicate with your brain optimally.  Restoring communication allows you to to properly stabilize and heal your spine taking pressure off your sciatic nerve and restoring peace once more.

Brain Based Approach

Your brain 'runs' the most efficient 'programs' possible to keep you moving. The question to ask is whether it has become efficient for you to run a 'sick and tired,' or 'hurt and pain' program.  Research shows pain medications are harmful to the body and brain and cause an actual increase in pain sensitivity over time.  This might mean the pain you are feeling is due to and / or magnified by the pain medications you use. Opiods in particular are a risky option for pain management.  Contact Active Health to learn how safe, effective, drug- and surgery free chiropractic can work for you.  
Call  715-834-6333 or email info@activehealthec.com.  

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